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Springs In Series

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    Two springs are in series. You know the constants for each individual spring. How do you find the spring constant for the spring system?

    |-OOOOO---o---OOOOOOOOOO-| --->F
    In the middle of the spring system (where the "o" is) the net force is zero and we have
    k1x1=k2x2 disregarding sign
    x3 =x2+x1
    but F=k1x1+k2x2

    Is this right?
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    Looks OK.
    Now try to find a similar expression for N springs..:)
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    Looks to me like you have an extra factor of 2 in there. Springs in series add as Resistors in parallel. So

    1/KT = 1/K1+ 1/K2


    KT= (K1+K2)/(K1K2)

    Also Springs in parallel add as resistors in series.


    I do not have time to do the derivation now. Should be able to post it later to day. A key is that in the series case the force seen by each spring is equal, while in the parallel case the extensions are equal.
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    Ah, I see my mistake. I have F=k1x1+k2x2 but F=k2x1=k1x1. I need to be more careful.
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    Thank you, Integral. I have put your work into my physics notebook (hope you don't mind).
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