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Star Trek Dream Team

  1. Jan 26, 2010 #1
    Think of a Star Trek dream team. Here's one that I made hastily.

    KIRK: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    SPOCK: Steven Seagal
    MCCOY: Peter Falk
    SCOTTY: Jim Carrey
    SULU: Bruce Lee
    CHEKOV: Brother Theodore
    UHURA: Whoppi Goldberg

    Wait! Whoppi was on the new ST. Jim Carrey would be funny being electocuted as he repairs the warp engines. Don't mess with Sulu.
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    This looks more like The Expendables + SNL lol
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    Worf absolute #1
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    Sorry my stupid laptop cuts me off.

    Worf absolute #1 Jamie foxx
    Picard origanal actor
    Wesley Crusher Don't know his name but he was in How to Train Your Dragon
    Counselor Troi Doesn't look anything like the original but Julia Roberts

    Other than that I don't know, sometimes you think an actor will be terrible for a part and they completely surprise you.
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