star trek

  1. jackwhirl

    News SciFi Inspired Technologies Becoming Real; Turbolift

    In tech news, ThyssenKrupp has invented the turbolift. I'm excited to see it implemented. Hopefully it won't take too long to catch on. Unfortunately, I'm not often in buildings tall enough to benefit from this technology.
  2. Greg Bernhardt

    What is your favorite Star Trek series

    What is your favorite Star Trek series and why. Who was your favorite character? I go with Next Generation because it's what I grew up on however Spock as best character.
  3. GW150914

    A question about Star Trek's impulse drive

    We all know that starships in Star Trek have artificial gravity. They also have inertial damper. Therefore, we can conclude that they have the ability to counteract gravity. However, as those technical manuals of Star Trek tell us, starships are using impulse drives for slower-than-light...