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Starting school in a month - very excited to study physics!

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    Hello, my name is Brennan Riddell. I am going to be studying Mechanical Engineering and Physics (dual major) at the University of Louisville in about a month or so, and I am incredibly excited. I have always loved learning new things, and tinkering with projects, so I feel it is a perfect fit. Having just finished 10 years of sliding by and not trying hard, I am ready for some rigor and discipline in my studies.

    Outside of school, I am a street/flatland unicyclist, a road cyclist, musician (I play classical saxophone, the banjo, and piano), and recently have begun working with some programming and OpenGL rendering. I love to tinker with engineering projects; I helped my uncle build a CNC router, worked on some giant electromagnet shoes (nearly done), and such. It is a passion of mine, but perhaps it is better to say that it is a part of me and how I look at the world. I like to see things in a quantitative and analytical way, regardless of how much I know about the concepts that govern them. That is to say, I don't know much physics. However, I love and appreciate that this community fosters curiosity and can help those of us just starting on our journey into understanding the universe and everything it has to offer.

    Thank you for such a great community, and thank you for having me!

    Best regards,

    -Brennan Riddell
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