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Stationarity theory

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    i read about it on wikipedia but i didnt get enough info out there for me to understand most of it
    could anyone explain it to me and maybe tell me how this theory is used to prove the state of the universe or atleast predict its path???

    thank you
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    I assume you're talking about a stationary process?

    When you flip a coin in the morning, what is the probability that you get heads?
    When you flip a coin in the evening, what is the probability that you get heads?
    Does time matter at all? No -- coin flipping is a stationary process.

    If you are interested in a specific physical application of this type of statistical model, you'll have to go over to one of the physics forums. Your question does not appear well-formed, though, you might not get much of a response unless you ask it in a better way.
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    well could you tell me how i could better present this question??
    thank you
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    "Is the Universe evolving through a stationary path?" or "is the U. converging to a stationary state?"
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    D H

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    You could also give a link to the wiki article that is giving you problems.
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