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News Statistics from the pentagon

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    Ivan Seeking, can you please direct me to a source that would explain these numbers a little more. What does 60-80 thousand unnaccounted for mean? 200,500 thousand, did they actually say that?
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    Why is this thread called 'Ivan Seeking'? Is this a new term meaning 'unbelievable statistic' or something?
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    Hope not ... I've loved his statistics. Unaccounted for ... i.e. the troops have not surfaced and/or the people been found anywhere .... and might be in line to be added to the casualty list !?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was only reporting what was said at the Pentagon Briefings. You can call me a liar if you wish but I stated exactly what I heard. When I looked some time later couldn't find a link to confirm this information. If you can find transcripts of those briefings then you will confirm my statements. This was at the 7AM EST briefings and very near the war's "end".

    This issue became very quiet until recently and I doubt that anyone knows the actual head count, but we do know that governments lie about casualties in a time of war; especially with the elections at hand. I certainly place more value on the orignal report than I do later interpretations. If anyone wishes to take this adminstration at their word, then I applaud your innocence, and I hope that you don't plan to vote.
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