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Steam power plant design

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    Hi professionals, im a student from philippines and
    im about to design a steam power plant with 74000 KW load.
    Our professor gave us a 3 steps at first chapter

    the first is that we assume the pressures needed from P2 to P8 where P2 = 8 MPa
    assume T2 at centigrade, and get the enthalpies up to P8
    T2 must be greater than t5, and h5 = h4' + 150
    h7' must not go beyond saturation line
    h8' must not go above saturation line

    look at my MS excel for more infos.

    second is we must get the percent extraction of <25% by getting h9 to h15

    look at my MS excel for more infos.

    3rd checking (look at my MS excel for more infos.)

    my problem now is the 3rd checking. im getting negative losses, low % output, im exceeding 30% at Qbd,Qref,Qfluegas.

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    Homework thread locked.

    Please post homework questions in the homework forums of Physics Forums.

    I am leaving this viewable for the time being, since it contains an attachment relevant to the problem. Once a new thread is created in the homework forum, feel free to link to this thread for access to the Excel file. If this happens, I can then merge this thread with the one in the Homework section.
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