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Stop clock

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    friends i am making a stop clock.iwant to add certain extra ordinary and good features in itwhich are technicalyy feasable.if anybody has some noble idea in this regard please answer me.
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    The main problem here, is that I (and probably others) don't know just what you are after. I assume that what you want is digital, and of some sophistication. If you'll state what you want in more detail, I suspect you will get a better reply from someone.

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    Preparing for IITK elec?
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    What is that? How does it relate to the question?

    I agree with KM, you may want to elaborate on your query.
    It is also a good idea to describe any design ideas you've already
    thought about in this regard.

    There are many here who can help steer you in a positive direction.
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    IITK ELECTRA is a fest of IIT (Indian Institute Of Tech.) and he has been probably been asked to make an alarm clock, my other friend who is also IITK student is also asking me for the same help as this guy.

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