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Homework Help: Stopping a rotating disk with an axe

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    My problem:
    A grindstone in the shape of a solid disk with diameter=0.480m and a mass of m=50.0kg is rotating at omega = 820rev/min. You press an ax against the rim with a normal force of F=190N View Figure , and the grindstone comes to rest in 8.00s.

    I need to find the coefficient of friction between the ax and the grindstone.

    well the stuff i have some far is that the moment of Inertia is 1/2MR^2. That is really all that I have I just need a hint or something on how to proceed...if someone could help me out.
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    The axe exerts a constant torque [itex]\tau = I\alpha[/itex] on the disk, combine this with the 'equation of motion' for the angular velocity: [itex]\omega(t)=\omega_0+\alpha t[/itex].
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    Galileo, thank you. That really helped me figure the problem out.
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