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Strange stars and neutron stars

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    Do strange stars exist?
    Apparently they are denser than neutron stars and consist of
    up down and strange quarks.
    But are they theory or reality?
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    They have existed as theory for several years. Last year astronomers thought they had evidence that two known stars were so massive they had to be made of strange matter (as you say, free quarks). There was some controversy over this claim, and I don't know how it stands today.
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    arXiv:astro-ph/0403515 v1 22 Mar 2004

    the debate goes on!
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    This paper gives some information about protostrange stars, the objects that give origin to strange stars
    "The birth of strange stars and their dynamo-originated magnetic fields"
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    Strange stars have a mass proportional to R^3 and neutron stars have
    a mass proportional to 1 / R ^ 3. What a difference!
    It seems that the origin of the high magnetic field strength of neutron and strange stars is uncertain. And no-one can yet say for sure they have found a strange star.
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    Could strange black holes propagate from strange stars?
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