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Stress field in cylindrical coordinates

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    Can anyone please explain the stress fields in cylindrical coordinates? What is the difference between [tex]\sigma_{rz}[/tex] and [tex]\sigma_{\theta z}[/tex]? What is the difference between stress in the [tex]r[/tex] axis and stress in the [tex]\theta[/tex] axis? Thanks
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    In the polar directions, one deals with radial, r, and azimuthal (hoop), θ, directions/stresses/strains. The hoop direction is normal or perpendicular to the radial direction.

    σxy, x refers to direction of surface normal on which force acts, and y refers to direction of force component, i.e. σxy = stress on x plane acting in y direction.

    cf - http://www.efunda.com/formulae/solid_mechanics/mat_mechanics/stress.cfm

    When the two subscripts are different, they refer to a shear stress. When the same, they refer to a normal force, which is purely tensile or compressive, but not shear.
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