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Stress for v-band clamp under loading

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    I have a v-band clamp and I'm wanting to know the stresses for such a section. I'm interested in the forces and resultant stresses on the clamp from the flange and plug (inside the v band) opposing each other as pressure is increased. I thought of treating the section as an effective channel member in flexure such that the section is bending about an asymmetrical axis. Think of it as having a U, turning it upside down and then applying force/moment pushing down on the web.

    However, the stresses I'm getting are really high. Maybe I'm calculating it wrong?

    Right now I'm using (6 P L) / (b h^2) and treating the center "web" to simply be a rectangle.
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    They are tricky things to analyse properly .

    Let us see a picture or a drawing off the particular clamp that you are interested in .

    What forces do you think are acting in the clamp ?
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    Here's a rough FBD and my thoughts.

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