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I Stress tensor and partial derivatives of a force field

  1. Aug 3, 2017 #1
    If F = Fxi + Fyj +Fzk is a force field, do the following derivatives have physical significance and are they related to the components of the stress tensor? I notice they have the same dimensions as stress.​

    2Fx / ∂x2

    2Fx / ∂y2

    2Fx / ∂z2

    2Fx / ∂zy

    2Fx / ∂yz

    2Fx / ∂zx

    2Fx / ∂xz

    2Fx / ∂yx

    2Fx / ∂xy

    The same partial derivatives of Fy and Fz
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    They have a physical significance in that they tell you something about how the force field changes. They have a priori nothing to do with the stress tensor. That two quantities have the same physical dimension does not imply that they have to be related.
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