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Suggestion Strikethrough BB Code

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    I've always thought this would be a quick, easy, addition to the forums that people could/would actually use. Once in a while we (I) type without thinking or reading as much as I probably should and often need to edit my post to correct my stupidity. A strikethrough option could make such corrections easier to understand because you wouldn't actually have to remove the offending content. A simple way of letting others know you've made a correction while allowing them to be aware of what, exactly, you've stricken from your post.

    I think a quick google search gives instructions on how to do this with vBulletin and as far as I'm aware it takes only a minute or two.

    For instance: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=2329490#post2329490

    Probably not a big deal, nor necessary... but it's an idea.

    Edit: Wow, I could really use this tag now because I just did it again. There's already a topic on this from the beginning of the month (searched "strikethrough")... Anyway, how about it? :(
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    I thought we were capable of using some limited html but it seems that the <strike>strike tag</strike> doesn't work. :-/

    Edit: I'm also pretty sure that I have used it and/or seen it used here before.
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    I also think this would be a nice feature, and have also made this suggestion. ([thread=328845]Strike out[/thread] thread). I have not seen it used in postings, but I think it is used as the font to represent the name of a member who is banned.
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    use the "strike" bbcode
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    [strike]Nice[/strike]! I thought I had tried that. Thanks very much.
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    [strike]strike one![/strike]
    [strike]strike two![/strike]
    [strike]you're outta there![/strike]

    I like it :smile:.
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    Talk about coincidence. Just today I had to edit a post of mine with an incorrect statement in it -- I was wishing for a strikethrough feature to make it clearer what my error was and why I was editing my post. Now I know! Thanks.
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    I've added an icon
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    Thanks, Greg. You just made my [strike]day[/strike] night. :tongue:
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    Thanks Greg! Has the code been around all along, and we just didn't know it was there or how to use it, or did you just add it as a new feature for us?
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    Having the icon in the message composition form is good. STRIKE is different from S between the square bracket pairs. Some forums use the "S" and this forum uses the "STRIKE". Use of the icon puts in the proper tag for this forum.

    target, no change.
    [strike]target[/strike], when use the [ s t r i k e ] target [ / s t r i k e ] tags.
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