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String matrix models

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    Question 1: What is the status of string random matrix models (~ triangulated random surfaces) with c>1?

    In my limited search, I have just come across a few papers by Frank Ferrari (in 2000-2002) on this. But, they applied, if I understand correctly, to a few cases with some specific kind of singularities in their moduli space or some higgs field. See his lecture at http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0205171 and references therein.

    On a slightly different note...
    Question 2: How is the BFSS matrix model (and its derivatives for other critical string theories) related to the random matrix models of triangulated worldsheets? My understanding is that the former is a nonperturbative formulation of some critical string theories, while the latter is a perturbative formulation of (noncritical only?) string theories. But, what are the similarities and connections between these two applications of random matrix theories?
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    Any one? :)
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