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String theory - Homology and Homotopy

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    I am trying to understand relations between Homology/CoHomology and Homotopy group..I am familiar with Hurewicz Theorem but I need something more general.

    I hope that you can help.

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    I didn't understand the physicists treatment of the subject at all when I was first learning about it as an undergrad. So instead I took an algebraic geometry class in the math department, and well things became a lot clearer.

    We used Alan Hatchers book (which you can find online at his Cornell site). Be warned, its quite opaque and difficult, but then once you get it, the physics stuff is relatively trivial by comparison and it has a pretty good review off the particular question you are asking.

    If thats too much, then typically physicists learn their algebraic geometry from something like Nakahara, but then it wont get into the nitty gritty details of stuff like the Hurewicz theorem.
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