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String Theory Instantaneous Teleportation

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    As far as I understand, that teleportation using quantum entanglement is only partially instantaneous, because a classical channel has to be used to send the two qbits from Point A to B. So the speed of light is the boundary as how fast teleportation can happen one day using
    this technology.

    Now how is it with string theory. I read the book from Michael Green "The Elegant Universe". There it says that Particles are connected trough EM Ropes which allow instantaneous change of particles across any distance. Would it be then possible to use this theory one day for "real" instantaneous teleportation?


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    No, that would violate relativity, which string theory is meant to be an extension of. In addition, note that what we mean by quantum teleportation is not the Star Trek idea you're probably thinking of. It is about detaching a quantum state from a particular bit of matter, not transmitting a matter configuration from one place to another.

    Also, "The Elegant Universe" is by Brian Greene.
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    Thanks for your answer.

    Why again would this violate general relativity?
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    Because relativity (specifically, special relativity) doesn't allow information to be transmitted faster than light. Instantaneous is certainly faster than light.
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    But the idea of changing an electron, and the the electron neutrino changing instantly as a result, no matter the distance, isn't that change a transfer of information? The information being that the electron has changed, so the electron neutrino changes because it received the information. Or am I misunderstanding something?
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    Otherwise this is a very good book, but if it really says so, well, it's simply wrong.
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    It's been awhile since I read that (loved that book, I though B.G was a great teacher), but I have always remembered his description of QM non-locality being consistent with the hard to grasp way that GR is not violated.

    That said it's only recently that I recently got to some welcome clarity around the way, that is done. What travels faster than light, if it can be said to be a thing, is randomness. The same random results appear instantaneously at arbitrary distance. Despite the fact that this is truly mind-boggling - no one has figured out a way to make randomness useful for transmitting things - only for hiding them. That's how GR is protected. No information can travel - through true randomness.

    There is a good book by guy who is a true specialist in the field. I found it pretty helpful, and it's very concise, and written for the non-mathematically fluent. His term is "Non-local randomness".
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