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Structural analysis lecture notes

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    An extremely useful set of lecture notes for anyone who wants to investigate statics of indeterminate structures (i.e. the force and displacement methods). Influence lines are included too.

    http://www.ecf.utoronto.ca/apsc/courses/civ214/Lecture%20notes.html" [Broken]
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    It is a good set of notes.
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    c_n = \frac{1}{T}\int_{-T/2}^{+T/2}f(t)e^i^n^\omega^ t dt [/tex]
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    Cheers. I might need those sometime later in the future. :)
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    good enough.
    and this ... great valued software to calculate internal forces + deflection
    for any structural construction.


    ((( LINPRO )))

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    the link is does'nt work to me : 403 Forbidden
    what's wrong ???

    yeah, i have linpro, good program... .
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    Dead link. RIP
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    Update the link please. Thanks
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    Links broken again.... :(
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    Hi, I am a Prof. of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech and my area is structures and materials. Instead of making lecture notes I made an app to help on the "intuitive" side of things. The idea is to complement traditional education/methods by bringing into the equation the creative side of students. The name of the app is "Truss Me" and its goal is to help you learn while playing different challenges. It looks and feels like a game but I made sure the mechanics is the real deal. You can take a look at it here:


    Hope you like it!
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