What is Structural analysis: Definition and 54 Discussions

Structural analysis is the determination of the effects of loads on physical structures and their components.
Structures subject to this type of analysis include all that must withstand loads, such as buildings, bridges, aircraft and ships. Structural analysis employs the fields of applied mechanics, materials science and applied mathematics to compute a structure's deformations, internal forces, stresses, support reactions, accelerations, and stability. The results of the analysis are used to verify a structure's fitness for use, often precluding physical tests. Structural analysis is thus a key part of the engineering design of structures.

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  1. N

    Simplified Calculations for Nylon66 Composite Material Supporting Heavy Loads

    I've conducted Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tests but have limited experience with composite materials. I need guidance on what calculations to perform manually, as my FEA results yield very small values. Specifically, I need advice on how to approach analyzing a box filled with ribs. What...
  2. C

    A Negative slope in Williamson-Hall model

    Good afternoon, I am analyzing a diffraction diagram (XRD) corresponding to a powder diffraction experiment , and I have obtained a negative slope value when plotting ##\left(\beta_{exp}-\beta_{inst}\right)\cos\theta## vs ##\sin\theta##. This implies that the strain coefficient is negative for...
  3. H

    Engineering Struggling with a Structural Analysis Problem?

    Diagram of the problem below. I have 45 minutes to finish all parts of this question without reference material. The Mechanics of Materials section of these tests are largely Structural Analysis, which I was not taught to this level in my undergrad degree so I am teaching myself via Youtube...
  4. W

    A Spin Structure Factor Explained: Static & Dynamic

    Hi, can somebody explain the spin structure factor (static and dynamic)? how is it related to the lattice symmetry(I m working with honeycomb)? How could I implement it easily? Thanks :)
  5. V

    Construction Gas Strut - ideal mounting position & Force Calculation

    I have a construction made from 4040 aluminum extrusion. The top frame is opening at 90deg with external hinge. the weight of the top is 6Kg The dimensions are 50X75cm externally and 42X67 internally (as the frame width is 4cm) If pictures with dimensions would help please let me know.
  6. B

    Hi I'm Jayvhie, Mechanical Engineer from PH

    ◎ As Structural Design Engineer, Highly-motivated individual with a demonstrated history in Finite Element Analysis to solve complex structural engineering problems, applying numerical methods approach and view solution results (Post- Processing) to optimize the design of a Ship to Shore (STS)...
  7. T

    Statics and Structural Analysis Question

    I am able to draw shear and bending moment diagrams. We were never taught how to even start with a problem like this.
  8. P

    Engineering Finite Element Analysis / Structural Analysis

    Hello engineer's community ! I got a problem. If i got a truss frame with 2 bars and an initial nodal displacement for the common node , then how can i calculate the velocity of the oscillation as function of time ? (the 2 bars have different length , same elasticity modulus , same density and...
  9. P

    Engineering Structure Mechanics-Three Pinned/Hinged Arches

    The Example 2 at this site ' http://ocw.ump.edu.my/pluginfile.php/1435/mod_resource/content/2/Chapter%205%20%E2%80%93%20Three%20Pinned%20Arch.pdf ' (page 14): It is parabolic hence the equation is y = (x^2)/10. I used the section method between A-D and applied equilibrium of moment to find a...
  10. H

    Nonlinear Structural Analysis with Finite Element Method

    Unlike in electromagnetics, the nonlinearity of mechanical structures is not only due to the material property. It could be due to large deformation and contact as well. Even though I will be implementing the existing and popular methods, I am still scared and I feel it is not a job that can be...
  11. V

    How Do You Calculate the Safe Work Load of a T Beam?

    Hi Guys, I want to determine the safe work load (SWL) capacity of a trestle in my workshop. It is a T Beam with width (W), height (h), thickness (t) and length (L). It is welded each end to two legs - what kind of support would this be considered as? Fixed or pin? Can someone walk me through...
  12. M

    Ansys Workbench Static Structural Analysis

    Hello Guys I am New here on the foum Well i am simulating a static structure (Picture attached) on ansys and til now i have a result divergence when i apply different forces. i guess my loads and fixed supports aren't well defined. Please Help i know it s a bit long but please give it some time...
  13. I

    Support reactions of a rigid, rectangular steel frame

    Homework Statement Solve for support reactions of a rigid, rectangular steel frame sitting on rubber pads at the four corners (See attached), when a shear force and a moment is applied at some point on the frame. All the known variables are shown in black while the unknown are in red. It is a...
  14. F

    Choosing Redundant Forces for Structural Stability?

    Homework Statement In this example , the author said that we can choose either G or E as redundant and ignore the force when we are doing the analysis ... I was told by my lecturer that when we are choosing the redundant forces , it''s important that after removing the redundant force , the...
  15. F

    Understanding Support Types: Single vs Double Roller for Cantilever Structures

    Homework Statement In i ) I was told that for the pinned support , we can assume to replace it with a roller , while for the cantilever , we can assume it to be supported by double roller . For the cantilever , why we can't replace it with roller instead of double roller ? What 's the...
  16. F

    Moment in beam (caused by influence line)

    Homework Statement http://cereference.com/book/structural-analysis/influence-lines-beams In the example , i don't understand the moment in the part of beyond AC . I don't understand why we don't have to consider the momenty due to unit virtual load in the part beyond AC , just like what we did...
  17. F

    What is the Influence Line for a Beam Supported at a Roller?

    Homework Statement In part a , the author state that at the roller , it will restrain the beam from moving vertically , so the beam wouldn't deflect at roller at part a ... But at b , the author showed that the beam will deflect at roller , why is it so ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  18. F

    Moment distibution (stiffness factor modifications) for a frame

    Homework Statement For the KAb and KCD , they are connected by the same method ... At B and C , we can see that they are connected by the same method , although i am not sure it's fixed or pinned . Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I assume they are fixed at B and C , so i agree that...
  19. muimerp

    On the proof of the Principle of Virtual Work

    I'm having some trouble understanding the proof of the Principle of Virtual Work for deformable bodies. I'll give below the proof that I've read, and, next, I'll remark what I'm not understanding. The first thing to remember before going through the proof is that the virtual work done by a...
  20. R

    What are the options for boundary conditions in ANSYS WB structural analysis?

    I am trying to perform a simple simulation in ANSYS WB Mechanical. Description is given below in image, thickness of the plate is 5 mm. Problem is I am unable to decide which type of support should I provide for this.
  21. Divya Shyam Singh

    Airy's stress function for a cantilever beam

    I have to calculate Airy's stress function for a cantilever beam made of two different material along its length. The young's modulus of the first half is E1 and E2 for second half. The beam is made such that these materials are joined to each other one after other along its length. At the...
  22. lord sauron

    Importing Mechanical Apdl geometry in Ansys Workbench

    hi.. i want to import only the geometry defined in mechanical apdl into ansys workbench so that i want to have the freedom to change the geometry and meshing whenever i want to. thankyou
  23. M

    Static structural analysis on a solid sphere?

    Could you perform Static structural analysis on this solid sphere? No contacts to be used. I do not have any specific boundary conditions(unable to apply constraints to a complete solid spherical body) All i know is the pressure that needs to be applied. You could consider a smiley ball on...
  24. ramzerimar

    Software for learning structural analysis and FEM?

    I'm in the third semester of mechanical engineering and I'm taking classes on engineering statics right now. Our professor said the he will give us a preview of finite element methods at the end of the semester. Which softwares would you recommend for learning basic structural analysis? I mean...
  25. M

    Finite element method for frames/beams

    I would like to know how to implement internal hinges in a program I'm developing. A hinge is created by changing the stiffness matrix of the beam. The problem is when two interconnected beams have a hinge at the same location, so basically we have a hinged joint, in this scenario I will obtain...
  26. ichabodgrant

    How Do You Analyze Stacked Beams Without Composite Action?

    Hi, normally when we try to analyse a structural beam with composite section, we apply transformed section method or so. But what if two beams are just put together (one onto another one) instead of having a composite relation (e.g. glued together), how am I going to analyse the forces and...
  27. D

    How to Waterproof a Strain Gage?

    Hello all, Our project needs to implement a force (strain) gage underwater for one of our tests. Our budget is pretty tight and we can't afford a wash-down strain gage that can support the forces that we will be operating at (~500 lbs). Does anybody know a way to hermetically seal a strain...
  28. W

    Axial eccentric loading on self-weight deflected cantileaver

    Homework Statement Hello, I am trying to model an arm mounted perpendicular to the straight mechanical column. An arm can be translated in horizontal direction by a gear which engages with the bottom of an arm such that it applies no force in vertical direction to the arm. And finally there is...
  29. AzarulNaim

    Structural analysis in ANSYS

    i'm new in ANSYS software. So, i want helps from others. that is my part. i need to do structural analysis on it but i don't know what supports and loads i need and how to do in ansys. supposely, my part will rotate with 50rpm, torque = 120Nm. diameter of cylinder is 80cm, height of spike is...
  30. A

    Frames with inclined legs using slope-deflection method

    Homework Statement This is a diagram from "Structural Analysis" by Aslam Kassimalli while solving frames using slope-deflection method. In the figure, the tangent to the deflected shape at C` is parallel to the original member AC implying that the slope at C is zero. However, later they have...
  31. A

    "Members of a frame are axially inextensible" implication?

    In analysis of frames, we say that "The members of the frames are axially inextensible". In context of frames with vertical legs, what I understand is that the length of the chord joining the member ends in the displaced condition would be same in the axial direction. However, what does it imply...
  32. M

    Structural analysis of a concrete frame

    Hello. I have a project for next semester and I'm thinking of creating a program using mathematica to analyze a concrete frame to obtain the moment and shear diagram. What would you consider the best method for analysis. The loads will be uniformly distributed. Any tip will be greatly...
  33. W

    How do i simulate this situation in catia Structural analysis?

    I have a rotor spinning perpendicular to the direction of travel of a car. Its supported at either end of its axle by bearings. The car crashes and I've calculated the force of the crash to be approximately 672kN. How would i simulate this on the rotor as a shock load? I could do it as a static...
  34. T

    Calculating Torque using Steiner Theorem?

    I am going to do some structural analysis of the wing. The upward shear force, or lift, is acting at the aerodynamic center. There is also a moment about the a.c. I am just wondering if I need to take the moment relative to the aerodynamic center into account when I calculate the torque about...
  35. E

    Mathematical help with structural analysis.

    In the attached equation from structural analysis, I don't understand the transition between the second and third equal signs. I think that u_{j,l}da_l = u_{j,1}da_1+u_{j,2}da_2+u_{j,3}da_3 , so doesn't equating da_j\delta_{lj} = da_l assume that l=j . can anyone help me see why this...
  36. K

    (Structural Analysis) Moment Distribution Method: Help?

    Hello everyone, as the thread title implies, I'm in a bit of a bind when it comes to understanding the Moment Distribution Method for displacement methods of analysis. In particular, I am having a lot of trouble in determining Stiffness Factors. I have attempted to browse my book and online...
  37. D

    Structural Analysis of a Table

    See the pdf here: www.ellipticinc.com/table.pdf Will this table must be able to hold a 1500 lb axle? Just help me a bit and get me started. I have no idea where to begin.
  38. H

    Writing Finite Element Code for Structural Analysis

    Structural Analysis-Writing Finite Element Code, Dear all, I have written a code ( in fact it is a software) for 3D finite element structural analysis. While developing the code I found that assembling global stiffness matrix is quite complicated. The complication is even more when we...
  39. H

    Structural Analysis- small deformation

    Structural Analysis-"small deformation" Hi all, Assume a cantilever beam fixed to a wall. We let the beam bend under its own weight. In practice the bending could be significant and as the bar bends, the distance between the tip of the bar and the wall decreases. Now my question are...
  40. H

    Dynamic Structural Analysis Using Finite Element Method

    Hi all, I need to do a dynamic structural analysis using finite element method and I have a question about the mass matrix. Question: I have the force per nodes and I need to calculate the displacement of each node at a given time. For this purpose, it seems that I need to distribute the...
  41. A

    Why Is Understanding Basic Concepts in Structural Analysis Challenging?

    I have a problem in understanding the very basic concept of Structural Analysis. Ironically, I can do the calculations swiftly! But when it comes to theories, I haven't got a clue. So, what is transverse stress, poisson ratio and all that? I know that many people would ask me to go and Google it...
  42. schrodingerscat11

    Good Book in Structural Analysis

    Can you suggest a good book for Structural Analysis that can assist me in my self-study? Thanks a lot.
  43. M

    Structural analysis stiffness method

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/53948823@N08/6193375731/ I need to solve this problem but with member 2 as L+e instead of L, and omit the load.. Since I only see one degree of freedom, i don't know how to set up the matrix to solve for the 3 forces. I have K11 = EA/L + (EA/(L+e))cos2(30) +...
  44. R

    Structural Analysis Problem- internal hinge

    Homework Statement The Attempt at a Solution for part 1: i figured that this structure is not in static equilibrium. once load "P" is applied, the roller at "D" will function as a fulcrum and ABC will lift (make an angle with the horizontal). is that assumption correct...
  45. R

    How to find Ay and Ma reactions in a structural analysis problem?

    to figure out the Ay and Ma reactions, i tried to find the effect of the 9kn/m force. i did this by integrating: integral from 0 to 8: 9x i found this to be 288kn for the moment caused by the 9kn/m force: integral from 0 to 8: 9(x^2) i found this to be 1,535kn*m clockwise i then added this...
  46. P

    How Do You Solve for Unknown Forces in a Truss System Using the Point Method?

    Homework Statement Below is a truss system, use the point method to solve for all forces within the trusses. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=25i2dma&s=3 my question, If I take pin F then I have 4 trusses, 2 of them known(FE, FD) and 2 unknowns(GF, CF). exactly what should I do with truss...
  47. M

    How Thick Should Composite Panels Be to Replace Aluminum in Structural Designs?

    For a summer job I am employed to look into the use of composite paneling in place of sheet aluminum with stiffeners. I am suppose to find the required thickness of composite wall paneling in order to make a structure such as the one attached. Obviously it will depending on the material...
  48. M

    Structural Analysis - basic beam question

    Homework Statement See attachment Homework Equations Im using sigma(max) = -EKy where y is the dist from neutral axis .: sigma(max) = -(M.y)/I ----------(1) plus the standard statical equil. equations. The Attempt at a Solution I use y = 170mm "I" is given as 301.3x10^-6...
  49. S

    Structural Analysis- Properties Of Sections

    The two steel channels shown are arranged to form a compound section in which Ixx=Iyy. Determine the value of the dimension 's' that will satisfy this condition. We have been working on radius of gyration, section modulus, second moment of area, the parallel axis theorem, polar second...
  50. R

    Structural analysis influence lines in beams

    Homework Statement http://antishift.org/image.php?id=16122&size=medium Homework Equations Static Equilibrium equations: since most of the supports are rollers, only y-forces are considered as well as moment equations. I'm pretty sure E and F are hinges so there are no moments around E and F.The...