Studying for IBM's IPTAO test, they say its like GRE/GMAT, resources?

In summary, Cory will be flying down to NC for an interview on March 12th, and if he does well he will be hired on the spot. He is attending Penn State, which is close to NC. He will be working with the zOS mainframe.
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Hello everyone,

well i must have done well enough on the first interview for them to give me a test. Researching online people have said to do the following
"Pick up a GRE/GMAT book, do the analytical section" and you should do fine.

Are there any resources online to help me study or do they mainly just have them in book form? I don't want to go out and buy a book for a 13 minute section if I don't have too but I do want to increase my chances as much as possible, any help would be great!
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Well, the GRE doesn't have an analytical section anymore: it has an analytical writing section.
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As Manchot said, the GRE has no analytical section anymore. I think they got rid of it sometime after 2000, but I'm not sure. The analytical section was comprised of logical puzzles. Nowadays, the GRE has a writing section that consists of two essay questions. The first is to present your perspective on one of two possible issues that you are presented with. The second is to write an argument of some kind. Unfortunately both versions have the word "analytical" in them. So which one was IBM talking about?

Assuming they were referring to the logical puzzles, chances are that you won't find much online, since most websites will cover the newer versions of the test. Fortunately you don't need to go out and buy a book. Simply go to the local library and pick up their GRE book. They'll have the older GRE books which will contain the analytical section. If the library has Barron's, get that one.
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The questions seem to be more like trick questions and information handling, you only have so much time like 13 mins for each section and 4 mins for one section so you really gota do what you know the most efficient way possible in order to get done. So i'll see what i can find, thank you!
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Good luck dude! That's awesome, my friend.
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Well I must not have done too bad becuase they are flying me down to NC march 12th for another interview and the guy said if I do well on this interview he will work with HR and get my a$$ hired right there! wee!
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That is sick dude. You haven't even finished undergraduate, have you?
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no i still got 2 years left :)
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So, uh, what will your responsibilities be?
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Well the job description says:
Seeking co-op for Spring/Summer/Fall sessions to work with Tivoli Software and System z Applications development team in RTP. Assignments include a wide variety of platforms utilizing diverse programming languages such as JAVA, C, C++, and Assembler; development and execution of test automation; system and performance testing. Schedules are flexible and should
accommodate either part time or full time co-op assignments. Ideal candidates for assignments should have a solid exposure to Software development techniques and disciplines that encompass the design, code development (in C, C++, and/or Java), and Unit Test of complex software.
There are very few companies that can offer an opportunity in virtually every area of software development than what you will be exposed to here. These exciting opportunities can be experienced in NC, CA, and TX.

So i'll be working with the zOS mainframe as well. They usually team you up with other interns and you end up doing a project at the end to show what you learned it'll be a great experience.
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What University are you at and do they have a location close to you?
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I'm at Penn State main campus, and no, NC is the closet area and its 8 hours away but only an hour flight! woo!
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mr_coffee said:
I'm at Penn State main campus, and no, NC is the closet area and its 8 hours away but only an hour flight! woo!

Does that mean you would transfer schools, or is this a prospective career upon graduation (it didn't appear to be the latter)?
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This is the e-mail:

I have you scheduled for an interview with myself and my team on March 12th, from 4:00-5:00 pm. I believe I have already sent you the interview package that I have prepared - please let me know if you need another copy. Be sure to read the interview package and bring everything that I have requested in the package.

Also, be sure to arrive at Building 500 before 4:00 - I would suggest to be there no later than 3:45 pm. The receptionist will create a temporary IBM badge for you. I will send one of my employees to retrieve you and bring you to building 510, which is the IBM-Tivoli building.

In regards to your specific questions, I was forwarded an email (written by Dave) that contained your resume. I scan all the resumes initially and then selected candidates I believe are applicable.
Most co-ops typically do not have mainframe experience - that's why you co-op at IBM, so you can learn how we do business here and expand your technical skills :) I am looking for someone who can co-op for more than a couple of months, so you are a strong candidate for this position. I do have many interviews for these positions, however, so I will need a response from you within (probably) 3-4 business days after your interview.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to our interview!
So what's going to happen is, if I am I selected for this position (fingers crossed) once my spring semester is over (may 11th) I'll move down to North Carolnia in the Research Triangle Park area, and I'll live there and not attend school while I'm co-oping. I'll be in a full time employment position. So i'll be working there for the Summer and Fall semester, then i'll go back to school next spring.

Then if they liked me, during the summer i'll go there again, and the more I go there the more likely i will get hired after graduation. Usually kids are jr's and seniors who co-op so this will really put me on top if I can keep co-oping like this with them.

The sweet part is, its paid (the ibm manager said its a good amount of money, he brought this up, not me), and they pay for the relocation and finding you a place to live and even room you up with another co-op'er!
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1. What is the IPTAO test and how is it related to the GRE/GMAT?

The IPTAO (IBM Professional Technical Assessment Online) test is a pre-employment assessment used by IBM to evaluate technical and professional skills of potential candidates. It is similar to the GRE and GMAT in that it is a standardized test used for graduate and business school admissions, respectively. However, the IPTAO test focuses specifically on technical skills relevant to jobs at IBM.

2. What topics are covered on the IPTAO test?

The IPTAO test covers a wide range of topics including technical skills such as coding, analytics, and problem-solving, as well as professional skills such as communication and teamwork. It also includes sections on business acumen and general cognitive abilities.

3. What resources are available for studying for the IPTAO test?

IBM provides a study guide for the IPTAO test, which can be accessed through their careers website. Additionally, there are many online resources and practice tests available to help prepare for the test. It may also be helpful to review relevant technical and professional skills and concepts through textbooks or online courses.

4. How can I best prepare for the IPTAO test?

To prepare for the IPTAO test, it is important to familiarize yourself with the format and content of the test. Practice tests and study guides can help with this. It is also important to brush up on technical and professional skills relevant to the job, as well as general cognitive abilities. Time management and test-taking strategies can also improve performance on the test.

5. Is the IPTAO test required for all positions at IBM?

No, the IPTAO test is not required for all positions at IBM. However, it is often used for technical and professional roles, and some positions may require it as part of the application process. It is best to check the job description or contact the hiring manager for specific information on whether the IPTAO test is required for a particular position.

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