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Aerospace Subjects needed in High School for Aerospace Engineering

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    Hi, I'm from Australia, in Year 9 of High School and planning on becoming an Aerospace Engineer. Next year is when everything starts to get serious and i've been thinking what I want to do with my life, and I eventually settled down on an Aerospace Engineer. So what subjects do i need to pick to become one?

    Sorry if there is already a thread about this, if not then I appreciate all your opinions and answers! :smile:
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    Math. Physics. Math. Chemistry. Math. To top it off: math.
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    Remember how to do calculus, matrices, and all that. Math is an indispensable tool, but HowlerMonkey also underscores an equally important point: we need to be able to communicate effectively, succinctly, and with proper grammar and spelling.
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    In fact chemistry is not so much needed, unless you want to study only combustion. for now, you should focus only and only on math, specially calculus, integrals and if you have in your high school curriculum, matrices.
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    In order of importance:
    Calculus, Physics, Linear Algebra, Computer Programming (C or FORTRAN)

    Writing/communication skills are also important. I know plenty of engineers who write like they are mentally handicapped.
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