Aerospace Engineer interview for PLTW

  1. I am a high school student in an engineering course. One of the main portions of my course is interviewing a professional in the field of my choosing, which is aerospace engineering. It would be great if someone would answer these question in order to broaden my knowledge about this field.
    1. Name
    2. specific degree
    3. Place of employment
    4. E-mail address and/or phone
    5. Please describe your engineering field.
    6. What is your current job title?
    7. Please describe your current job and duties.
    8. What is your average work schedule?
    9. Starting with high school, describe your educational background chronologically.
    10. If you had to do it over, related to your career or education, would you do anything differently?
    11. What advice would you give me as someone interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours?
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    For privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we do not allow interview threads at the PF. Thread locked.
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