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Suggest me please! - Water pumps in Thailand

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    Suggest me please! -- Water pumps in Thailand

    I need to motor system for pump.

    What I sholud have system to motor? For safe motor,for save electricity,for the best

    performance control and other.

    My father is planting rice. The water is necessary.

    I live in Thailand. :shy:

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    Re: Suggest me please!

    Welcome to the PF.

    I have added some words to your thread title to make it more descriptive. What pumps are available locally? What do other farmers in your area use for pumping water?
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    Re: Suggest me please! -- Water pumps in Thailand

    It depends on what you are pumping the water for. Are you using it to pump clean water to your crops? Or are you using it to get rid of dirty water?

    If the water you pump is dirty, something like a screw pump would be best. If its to pump clean water, then you can use something like a piston pump or a centrifugal pump.

    It also depends on your flow requirements (pressure, flow rate, temperature).

    Perhaps tell us what you want to do with the pump so that we can better advise.
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    Re: Suggest me please! -- Water pumps in Thailand

    The pump is riverside. Do planting rice only.
    My reqiurement
    - save energy (electricity).
    - save motor.
    - good flow rate.
    - safety
    - low tempurature when operate

    please sugestion the requirement that should be!,if have.

    thank you for reply.
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