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Suggestions for Term Paper?

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    I have following topics and I have to choose one among them for the term paper in Calculus II:

    1- Numerical Analysis.
    2- Sequence and Series.
    3- Polar Coordinates.
    4- Finding Areas through Integration.

    What topic would make the most interesting paper considering the applications?

    P.S = I'm doing Telecommunication Engineering major, so application in Telecommunications would be more important.

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    I guess for the given major, its best you either do 1 or 3...

    Numerical analysis is always needed for engineers, and polar coordinates is also always needed for engineers, especially when you do some theoretical design etc.
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    I have no idea if you could find enough to write a term paper on for 3 or 4, so I would say 1 or 2 would be best. But I also have no idea what a term paper in CalculusII is supposed to be like.
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    When you say telecommunications, do you mean the physics side (E&M, random signals etc.) or the computer science side (algorithms, data structures, etc.)

    If it's the former, then numerical analysis would be best. You could talk about how numerical analysis can be used in simulating certain systems of differential equations or something or other.

    If it's the latter, series would be better. You could talk about algorithms' complexities and techniques for evaluating series.

    Or perhaps you could write a slightly more advanced paper on fourier series? You could work both series AND numerical analysis into that.
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    Well, personally I'm interested in either 'Sequence and infinite Series' (in relation to signal generation and control) or 'Polar Coordinates'. And I'm on the physics side more than programming.

    Thanks for suggestions, all of you.
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    Unless you have a great idea for polar coordinates, it seems like there's no a whole lot to write about, and most of it's pretty uninspiring
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