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Sunlight equivalent light bulb

  1. Jul 20, 2011 #1
    If the 'average' intensity of direct sunlight on a warm summer day could be re-produced in a full spectrum light bulb, how many watts would that bulb be? I'm trying to find a bulb I can use to calibrate a photo sensor to sunlight intensity but my shop is on the base floor where there are no windows, and it's Seattle- no sunlight here.

    I've searched google, all I get are light bulb ads. No useful info there.
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    You will need to generate between 700 - 1400 watts per square meter. The bulb itself would need to be many thousands of watts to simulate sunlight on an object very close to it. Also keep in mind any energy lost to heating up the bulb.
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    you may be better off joining a photography forum :smile:
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