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Swing speed analysis

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    I'm new and not even sure is this is posted in the right category----but any help would be appreciated.

    I got one of those high speed golf cameras and thought I would try out a formula to measure “swing speed” using Logger Pro. I would like to start doing analysis on the swing speeds in Tennis, Golf, Baseball & Hockey.

    Here is a video clip I would like anybody’s advice on:

    I filmed at 1,000 fps using a lamp to light up the golf club head and the ball and went into Sports Authority to use the Golf Simulator and make a comparison on the data collected from their machine and the film used from the camera.

    Because the space was tight in there I had to film from about 3 feet away. So, I have few questions for anyone who might be able to help me with getting the most accurate analysis.

    At the one reading of the ball speed I show 152.1 mph and the Sports Authority machine shows 157.1. I'm okay with margin of error, however, the club head speed is way off - 106. 2 mph as compared to 139.2. Any reason for this?

    How does one account for ‘Distance Distortion” when filming from, let’s say, 10 or 20 feet away?

    I don’t plan on recording at 1,000 frames per second, only 210 fps. How much does that affect the accuracy? Even when I film at 1,000 fps there is a “blurrrrrr” on the ball.


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