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Swooshing noise as car drives near obstacles

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    As you drive with your windows open you can hear a sound due to some continuous stream of air that is hitting your face, or whatever. But why is it then, that when you drive past by some obstacle, like a tree, you hear a swooshing noise? What is causing this?
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    Could be the car's own motor noise and air turbulance noise being imperfectly reflected from the tree back to you and acting like a doppler effect.

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    Typically you're hearing tire, mechanical, and maybe some aero noise being reflected back to you. It's especially obvious when you drive next to a wall.

    If you're driving close enough to a tree that your airflow is interacting noticeably with the tree, then you may want to back off a bit. :smile:
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    Very well put. I laughed.
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    You finally hear how noisy your car is.
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