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Synchronous motor

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    how is the back emf affected by the flux of the rotor?
    I know the relation : Ea=k*phi*w
    but i need a physical explanation
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    Three phase field windings produce a rotary travelling magnetic field.
    The wound rotor has a magnetic field.
    The two fields lock to maintain synchronous rotation.

    Which back EMF are you referring to ?
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    jim hardy

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    I made these drawings* some years ago for another thread that i can no longer find.

    but you might find these two really old ones helpful



    *They're hotlinked from Photobucket, an image hosting site where i placed them before PF had its "Upload" button, so the hotlink isn't inconveniencing anybody(see https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hyperphysics-images.868337/ )

    Here are two more old threads that might help

    see especially the animation linked in post 2 of this thread :
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