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Synchrotron Radiation Units: Photons/s/mrad^2/1%BW

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    I have a question about the common unit for the intensity of a synchrotron X-Ray spectrum:


    I am not sure how to interpretate the 0.1%BW.

    How do I get the numbers of Photons/sec/mrad2 in an Energy range lets
    say from energy [tex]E_1[/tex] to energy [tex]E_2[/tex] ?

    I really need to know this !!!

    Thank you for any help

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    I believe 0.1%BW indicates bandwidth, which seems to be verified by

    http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/rd/444/jordansweet.html [Broken] - see end of paragraph 3

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    Let's consider this example: I've got the flux from undulator at some point, say 10^9 photons/s at 3 keV. What is 0.1%bw in this case?
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    I've got the answer:
    0.1%bw = 0.001
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