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Synchrotron X-ray Measurements

  1. Sep 28, 2013 #1
    I am curious about a question. in synchrotron station,people use x ray to do kinds of experiments.
    They use the x ray ,how do they know the characteristic(like wavelength,brightness) of the ray they use. Does they measure the x ray when they use it simultaneously? Does this have an bad effect on
    the stability of the x ray? if they characterization before application,is this too troublesome? how they actually change between characterization and application? Thank you!!
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    thank you sir,I have read the materials on the website! how do they measure x rays? after the measure, they should use them,but where is the measurement intruments. Does they block the
    x ray or they are removed?
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    The first article tells you how they measure the X-rays.
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