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System of linear equations

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    Find the solution in C to the following linear system of equations.

    (a) (1-i)z + 4w = 2 + 8i
    (b) 3z + (1+i)w = 1 + 5i

    I tried expanding but that didn't get me anywhere. Then i put it in a matrix, but i didn't know how to go from there. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    1.Multiply your first equation with 3/2*(1+i)
    You should then have 3z in both equations.
    2. Then subtract the first from the second and solve for w.
    3) Don't bother to expand brackets until you've solved for w and z
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    Don't be intimidated by the complex numbers. You would solve this problem exactly as you would if there were only real numbers involved.

    For instance, in the first equation, the coefficient on z is simply the (single!) number (1 - i). So, if when solving systems of equations, you like to divide through by the leading coefficient, then you would do so, by dividing through by (1 - i).
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    thanks guys...i think i got it...
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