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Taser: can you disperse or ground the charges?

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    Hey, I'm currently in a physics class (im not real good at it hah). And a lot of times out of class i think and relate things to what I have learned...

    Well, me and some friends were talking about tasers, and I was wondering if it were possible for multiple people to connect (hold hands, etc.) and disperse the charge, Or to ground the charge in some way. In my class we are studying electric fields on the molecular level, and I dont think i can really relate it to a charge such as a taser, but im just curious about it.

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    A Taser generates a high voltage between two electrodes - so the ground doesn't matter.
    You would have to wear some conductive material that carried the current between the prongs without any current entering your body.
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    ahhh, i see. Hmm, I just did a lab with electrodes, i should have recognized that! thanks!
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