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    Can someone tell please what is a stealth TCP port epmap and why they keep happening to my computer?
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  3. Since there were no replies here's what I've learned in the meantime:

    The TCP port epmap attack is occuring on port 135 and that is the number one (by far) most common attack point for virus & worm attacks world wide. They usually cause Denial of Service attacks. My firewall seems to block them but I'm sick of seeing the message pop up.
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    Have you tried turning your remote messaging off? If you have a standalone computer (as opposed to a LAN) you don't need it.
  5. That sounds good. Which process is it exactly? I don't find it among my processes. After investigating this problem I disabled a bunch of unnecessary & risky processes like ClipBook, Fax, Net Logon and Messenger. I thought for a while this eliminated the epmap attacks but it only seems to have slowed them down (or else many hackers took the weekend off). (Oops, there goes one now!)

    The computer seems faster booting up since I deleted those processes but it could be wishful thinking on my part.
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