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  1. “Teaching aids”

    The moderators and Gurus might want some recent “teaching aids”.
    Perhaps you will want to put some of these into a "sticky"
    The CERN site is producing some very good “teaching aids”. If you can, look at the ppt presentation, since it has animations.
    There are 3 pdf files at Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 2008
    From Heavy-Ion Collisions to Quark Matter (1/3)
    by Lourenco, C (CERN)

    that gives an explanation of what they are doing to probe QCD.
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    Re: “Teaching aids”

    yeah I attended those lectures, boring lecturer :-)
  4. Re: “Teaching aids”

    I guess that this is a good forum for this thread.
    Now ... now ... malawi_glenn don't be so harsh on how your tax dollars are being spent. :smile:
    I found that particular "teaching aid" to be up-to-date and well presented for interested students.
    Did you get any "vibs" as to when in 2009 that they will be able to get any new data?
    I hope that they will not hit any long "tuning up glitches"
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    Re: “Teaching aids”

    I think it is mentioned in the lectures, I think all of the lectures from CERN summer school -08 was filmed, so you can listen to the lecturer meanwhile you are watching the slides.

    If I can recommend some REALLY good lectures to you, check out G.Ross and A.Pitch's lectures about QFT and Standard model, awesome!

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    Hi malawi_glenn,
    There is no doubt that they are good "teaching aids" and I can see why some students would need the exposure to those presentations before they make their carreer choice.
    It would require 4 years of commitment, for AN AVERAGE STUDENT, to be able to manipulate and understand the formulas.
    I used slide 14, 15, 16, The Standard Model (8/8) by Pich, A (IFIC, University of Valencia)
    as a reference for my latest blog entry.
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    Easy for you to say that, when it's a European project, and I have to pay for these guys full time. :grumpy:

    I want my taxes to go towards interesting lectures, give him hell malawi_glenn.
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    Re: “Teaching aids”

    LOL well the lectures was interesting but the lecturer was a quite boring person hehe.
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