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Tear and rip

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    Can spacetime be tear and rip?
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    nobody knows what spacetime is like at microscopic quantum scale
    and nobody knows what dark energy is

    theorists who want to envisage the ripping of space
    can use a model of space that can be ripped
    and a hypothetical very mean version of dark energy
    whose pressure-density relation keeps changing with time
    so it gets more and more expansive

    (there is no evidence that dark energy is like this, it is only
    a mathematical possibility)

    so such theorists, who want the speculative fun of thinking
    of how spacetime could experience a shredding Big Rip,
    can cook up speculative scenario like that
    they make spacetime so it can be ripped and
    they make dark energy have an increasing expansiveness
    and eventually after a long time there is this very
    lovely end of the universe where nothing can hold together
    people fly apart and then atoms fly apart and then the pieces
    of atoms fly apart and so on.

    what's the use?

    I dont find that kind of set up scenario speculation so exciting myself
    because it seems more exciting when people actually try to
    develop a notion of what dark energy really is
    and what the geometry of spacetime is down at the quantum level.
    If they get a grasp of that then the scenarios will get more fun
    because of having more realism.
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