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Template argument and eof()

  1. Jul 4, 2004 #1
    Two questions,
    1) Can you tell me why
    ifstream f("f.txt"); //there are 2 numbers in file f
    int count=0
    Why does there exist to be x[2] ? How can I chaneg the code to get only two x[0],x[1];

    2) Completely different though,
    Are there any ways to "parse" the values i.e integers as the template arguments at runtime ? My VC++ 6.0 compiler complains that i cant pass the numbers directly like that at run time.

    Thanks in advance,
    -Fiona's twin__001
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    Because the stream doesn't recognize eof until after you've actually attempted to read past the end of the file. A better solution would be

    Code (Text):

    while(1) {
    f >> x[count];
    if (f.eof()) break;
    - Warren
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    Thanks chroot, -->lol
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    Anyone has any ideas about my second question ???
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    Well, with the limited info you provided I'd say your problem is you're trying to compile a program which relies on runtime values but the program requires those values before it can compile. Big catch-22 huh? Do a google search for "new C++ dynamic memory" and you'll find the answer. Here, a couple of links from said same search to get you started if I'm reading your problem correctly.

    http://www.jive.nl/~kamphuis/eff_c/dmemory.html [Broken]

    Basically, you need to create a pointer of the desired data type then use the new operator so your compiler knows you want to use runtime variables.

    Hope this helped, good luck.
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    faust9, I would like to make some questions,
    1) What is Big-catch 22 ?
    2) Thank faust9 very much for those links, but my problem I think is not about memory allocation...My program asks the user to input a number and it will output numbers circling with radius 5, around the input, all are of course integers. But I tried using template in my program and I would like to put that input number in something like Circle<num> which is where compiler give me lots of complaints...Do you know how I can do something like std::cout<<Circle<Num> ?
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    Template parameters must be constants; there is simply no way around this. While there are lots of clever ways to compute constants at compile-time, the fact remains that they are still constants; there is absolutely no way to grab a runtime value and turn it into a compile-time constant.
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    Big catch 22 might mean using 22 to have a big catch /--lol--\
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