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Tests of equivalence principle based on fluid mechanics

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    Were there some tests of this kind?
    Would that have some meaning?
    Would the fluid world be very strange if the EP was (somewhat) in default?

    Some brainstorming on fluid mechanics and the Equivalence principle, to take another point of view?


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    Chris Hillman

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    Test of the EP?

    Hi, Michel,

    I'd suggest you study http://relativity.livingreviews.org/Articles/lrr-2006-3/index.html [Broken] and then ask yourself: what kind of theory might admit a fluid which might violate some version of the EP?
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    Hi Chris,

    I like very much "livingreviews", and I also ordered the book by Clifford M. Will which will probably suit my current curiosity (livetime 3 month usually, next probable topic: the Margolus-Levitin theorem and all that).

    My aim with this question here was more about finding everyday physics (or eventually industrial physics) that could make the equivalence principle flattly obvious to some very obtuse anti-relativity people. Besides this it would be an interresting unusual point of view.


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    Chris Hillman

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    Oh dear, I'd say you stand a better chance of mastering the mysteries of quantum information theory than you do of educating "very obtuse anti-relativity people", but good luck in both projects.
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    :smile: :rofl: :smile:
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