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Textbook for GRE subject test preparation

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    I'm planning to take the physics GRE subject test in the near future. I have a good undergrad education, so I was recommended to pick up a general physics textbook and to read it completely as a study review.

    The question is: what textbook? I know the names of the most common ones (Tipler, Serway, Halliday), but as I never used them in my intro courses, I don't know which one is the best. It must have problems at the level of the GRE test.

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    I would recommend looking at some websites. You can find a practice test on the ETS website. They also explain what is covered in the test ( e.g. 20% classical mechanics, 18% electromagnetism, 9% optics & wave phenomena, etc). There are some threads on here that will help. I remember seeing some that I would revisit later that will be able to help the both of us. If I'm able to find them, I'll come back and post the links to the threads.
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    If you're interested, there is a https://www.amazon.com/dp/147927463...TF8&colid=1C820W0WD74GP&coliid=I1Z6SMEGA0O615 available. It was written by a couple of physics grad students at MIT, and it's only three years old, so the information should be pretty up to date. I don't personally have any experience with it, but I do intend to pick it up in another year or so when I have to start preparing for the GRE.
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