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Other Book recommendation to study for the Physics GRE in ~40 days

  1. Sep 12, 2015 #1
    I recently took the decision to apply for physics grad school and registered for the GRE test coming up on Oct. 24, a couple of days ago. The thing is I feel I'm vastly under-prepared as my academic background is in engineering. I have had only a freshman course in physics. I've been recently studying lagrangian mechanics. I'm looking for a recommendation on a book to prepare for the exam. I've looked through the forum and found that many recommend Halliday/Resnick/Walker as well as Conquering the Physics GRE by Kahn and Anderson. I was wondering, given the time (~40 days) and the basic theoretical knowledge, what's the best way to prepare for this exam.

    My physics background:
    Classical mechanics - Vector based classical mech, Lagrangian mechanics, don't know hamiltonian
    EM - little electrostatics and magnetostatics
    QM - the uncertainty principle and blackbody radiation, don't know schroedinger equation and forth
    Statistical mech - almost nothing except conventional thermodynamics
    Optics - basic lens optics, a little bit on interference, diffraction.
    Relativity - have a qualitative idea about time dilation and length contraction.

    I last saw most of these topics about 8 years ago, back in undergrad. So, I'd still need a review for these.
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    There are some websites that may help you:


    I suggest taking a couple of practice exams immediately and see where you're deficit and then focus what you find.

    You don't have much time to prepare so you need to start now and you need to consider that you may need to take it a couple of times to get the grade you need.

    Also find some GRE test tips that work and use them when you take the practice exams. You have to play to the exams weaknesses to do well.
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    Thanks jedishrfu. will take one of those practice tests right away.
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