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Homework Help: The all known Egg Drop

  1. Aug 16, 2009 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    We all know the egg drop, and I am stuck as to what to do with the extreme little amount of materials we are allowed to use. Here they are:

    1 regular supermarket egg
    5 sheets of printer paper
    1m of scotch tape

    We are to drop it once from the ceiling of our classroom(about 13 feet) to the tile floor below. My thought was to make a platform for my egg (using 4 sheets of paper) and folding them into it. When i did that, I tested it with a similar weighted rock from 20 feet on the porch on my house, and it fell nearly perfectly to the ground, so that was a success. Well, my next job in that was to fold tiny, tiny pieces of tape into shock absorber type things, I had to use maybe an inch of tape in the entire platform, so i have quite a bit of tape to work with. When i tried that theory, i stumbled into a problem. Apparently scotch tape and egg do not mix. As in when i tilted it to make sure it stayed on, it rolled out and i luckily caught it. Would anyone help me with my dilemma? I do not know why the egg for one won't stick, so two i can not test the drop. Is it due to the egg being cold, or is it due to the structure of the eggs shell or the tapes sticky stuff?
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    I don't know what it is due to, but I would try different brands of "Scotch" tape and see which sticks better. Masking tape would be a better choice and duct tape even better, but you need to check if these are allowed. I would also make sure that shell is clean. Rubbing it with a bit of alcohol will remove most residues on its surface. Wipe it clean and dry and allow it to reach room temperature before you attempt to stick anything on it to avoid moisture condensation.
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