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The Beginning of Truth

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    Where do you think truth originated from? Do you believe truth originated from society, or truth is an eternal entity?

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    I have an old saying... The Truth is only as good as the lie that made it.

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    Please read over the Philosophy Forums Guidelines and develop your question more substantially.
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    Sorry about that... I see what you mean, and I will make sure to read over ALL forum guidlines before posting.

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    Most likely the truth originated about the time and from an awareness and ability for deception, but what a truth and what is a lie?
    Did you know that occasionally one monkey will dupe it's friends into believing that there is food over there, and when they go off to get the food it will go over here to where the food really is keeping it all for itself...although I would hate to be that greedy monkey when the tribe caught me in the act.
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