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Stargazing The best view for 2014jo25

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    Hello everyone, I was hoping that someone could help me out what the best place and time to view if one wanted to see the asteroid pass by us??
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    so, do you have a reasonable telescope ?
    It will just look like another star when viewing it but over some hours you will notice it has moved in relation to the other background stars

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    My two telescopes while nice were never very reasonable. You could talk to them all you want but they would remain fixated on that one point until you jiggled the mount and then all bets were off.

    I have an 8" Orion reflector (a bit bulky) with a dobsonian base and no motor drive and a smaller Orion Mak which I prefer because of its portability and larger star field view also without a motor drive. I'm cheap.
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    that a lot better then my little 4 1/2 incher:bow: lol do you think that i mite be able to watch it with that
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    If you read the link in the second post you'll see that a 8 inch telescope or larger is recommended.

    ETA: A 4.5" telescope has a telescopic gain of about 6 magnitudes to it should be possible under dark skies especially if you are an experienced observer.
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    I'm still somewhat of a binger still, and south central wisconsin is quite clouded up tonight and tomorrow any way :cry:
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