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The book gives a different answer, could this be another form?

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    Hello, here I worked a problem out and got a different answer than the book gave so I was wondering if it looks correct or not.

    http://album6.snapandshare.com/3936/45466/776848.jpg [Broken]

    Thanks for the help
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    You could always try plugging in a few values for x to see...

    Anyways... does

    [tex]\frac{1}{1 + 1} = \frac{1}{1} + \frac{1}{1}[/tex]

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    integral(cscx*sec^2(x)dx) does not equal the original integral.

    1/(1-cos^2(x)) does not equal 1/cos^2(x)
    you probably overlooked the one. :smile: :wink:
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