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Integral involving partial fractions and roots

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    http://album6.snapandshare.com/3936/45466/776941.jpg [Broken]

    PS. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help so far. This is a really great forum and I am receiving tons of help. I like how people here are not just blurting the answers, but are actually feeding me ideas so that I may work them out. Everyone here is really helping me learn this stuff!! Thanks again. :smile:
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    Well, you forgot to do partial fractions! (e.g. you didn't factor the denominator...)
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    :tongue2: haha... I know the demoninator is not factored there. I just left the equation like that so it was complete for the posting. I know I have to factor it and do the whole partial fractions bit, but this is where my problem lies.

    For example, what I have on paper is that I took the 272 out of the integral, which left u/(u(u+4)) inside the integral.

    But then the partial fractions do not come out right for me.
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    There is a common factor of u in both the numerator and denominator of that fraction, cancel it out and then it should be a very simple integral.
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