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Homework Help: The Bug and the Rod: AP Physics Mechanics Section II Mechanics 2

  1. Dec 16, 2008 #1
    1992 Physics-C Section 2 Mechanics 2

    See the attached Word document, which preserves the original formatting of the question (to visualize the diagrams, see below) and my work and answers. The diagrams are as follows:

    There is a horizontal rod of length 2l with its axis at its midpoint and perpendicular to the plane of the screen. On each end of the rod, there is a sphere of mass M. A bug of mass 3M lands gently on the left-hand sphere. Use this for parts a and b.

    For parts c through e, the rod has rotated counterclockwise pi/2 radians so that the bug is on the bottom of the screen. Use this instantaneous shot for these three parts.

    Please check my work to see if I made any errors; I want to be an expert on this in May.

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