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The constitutive equation of Piezoelectric materials ?

  1. Jan 23, 2009 #1
    I'm studying about piezoelectric material. The electro - mechanical property of this material can be described by the following constitutive equation:


    Sij is the compliance matrix, and dmi is the piezoelectric constant for the materials

    The matrix form of the equation:


    Applying this equation for PZT (lead zirconate titanate) materials with tetragonal perovskite structure, some of these above Sij and dmi can be equal, or zero. The equation becomes:


    I'm concerning about why S31 = S32 = S13 = S23 and S66 = 2(S11 - S12) ??

    When i'm reading some documents about PZT, they usually classify PZT into PZT-4, PZT-5, etc (like this: http://www.efunda.com/Materials/piezo/material_data/matdata_index.cfm ). What does these number after it means ?

    thank you very much\..
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