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The cost of Spiegel's book

  1. Dec 8, 2005 #1
    Most used Schaum's Outline books can be gotten pretty cheap, but not this one by Murray Spiegel:

    Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Real Variables

    What is it about this particular book that can command such a price?
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    $14 is expensive?
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    That is pretty cheap compared to what they are charging on Amazon for used copies. They are going for at least $60.
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    May I ask, where is there a copy for that price? The book is out of print.
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    It is out of print? That explains why it is so expensive. Supply goes down (well stays the same really) while demand goes up. That means that price goes up. Using my High School Economics- my teacher would be so proud.
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    In this particular case it doesn't, since several other Schaum's books by Spiegel are also out-of-print and they are dirt cheap. In fact, most out-of-print Schaum's books are dirt cheap.
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    I just looked at your link.

    But I didn't scroll down!
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