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The cursor of my laptop screen is oversensitive? How to stop it

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    Hello everyone,

    Recently the cursor of my laptop screen is so overactive and oversensitive. If I just click one thing, it clicks many things. If my cursor just moves near some folder or something, it quickly opens even when I didn't click it. How can I get my cursor to normal sensitivity. Thanks :smile:

    From the cursor what I mean is the mouse like thing in the laptop. Even when I touch it a bit, the cursor moves so far away.
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    It's called a touch pad.
    Do you have tohe drivers installed for it? If so, it will usually provide options for reducing the sensitivity and the "pressure" needed for a click
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    Hey thanks for the reply. I think the drivers are installed (I didn't install anything externally, when I bought the laptop all the drivers were originally installed and touch pad was working well, i haven't changed anything from there?. How do I access the options for touch pad . Do I check in control panel? What do I search there? Can you tell how to access the panel. Thanks :smile:
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    What is the model of your Laptop?
    You can try searching the control panel. My laptop have it's touch pad settings there.
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    I got this issue recently. for me, the power adapter of the speakers was causing this problem. its " noise" was interfering with the touchpad, just verify that you don't have any power adapter plugged in, or any electronic device near the laptop, and see if this problem persists.
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    The sensitivity can usually be adjusted in software. But, we need to know what OS (and maybe what kind of machine hardware) you are running.
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