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The Denouement of Blue Supergiants

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    First of all, would very bright blue main sequence stars (for example, the stars in Orion's belt and Spica) first become a star like Rigel or Deneb, and then gradually move towards a star like Betelgeuse in the H-R diagram? Or will they suddenly envelope into a Betelgeuse-like star?

    If yes to the first question, then my question is answered. If not, then I have another question.

    What exactly were Rigel and Deneb and will they ultimately become a Betelgeuse?

    Also, why do so many astronomy textbooks say that the sun will turn into a red supergiant in the last stages of its life? It's only going to have enough mass to become a red giant anyhow.


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    The gravitational attraction will not be enough to overcome the radiation pressure.
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