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The end of the universe!

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    I am just thinking, stars are born, evolve and die, black hole are created, develope.. so in the end, the universe would be filled with blackholes. Will it be the final scene of the universe or what else can it be? It's nice to hear your answer or any comments.
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    best recent survey of expected late-time universe
    The Return of a Static Universe and the End of Cosmology
    Lawrence M. Krauss (1,2), Robert J. Scherrer (2) ((1) Case Western Reserve University, (2) Vanderbilt University)
    (Submitted on 2 Apr 2007 (v1), last revised 27 Jun 2007

    Abstract: We demonstrate that as we extrapolate the current LambdaCDM universe forward in time, all evidence of the Hubble expansion...

    LambdaCDM is the standard model they use these days, and best fit to the tons of data they have

    Krauss is a top cosmologist, world class.

    So this is the horse's mouth. If you want a mainstream cosmology view of eventual situation.

    BTW most stars, overwhelming percentage, do NOT form black holes when they die.
    they form dead remnants that gradually cool down to the temp of the surrounding space.

    I suppose, given long enough, these dead remnants might be able to coallesce into larger masses that might collapse to hole. I don't know. MAYBE the eventual scene will be dominated by black holes. But it is not obvious because most stars arent massive enough to result in black hole collapse

    Check out what Krauss says, he would know.
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    Well, Carl Sagan wrote a book about how black holes destroy the universe (assuming that it is non-stationary). However, seeing that the universe is rapidly expanding, the end of the universe is probably not going to be that, but maybe some super massive explosion will occur due to the the constant collisions between galaxies, black holes, matter, and other stuff, other than that, maybe Barney will just Kill us all!
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    what u told is right from some point of view but i would like to say that all stars die but eventually some of them exceed 3.4sloarmass and end up with a blackhole. ALL STARS DONOT FORM BLACKHOLES. on the other hand we talk about space time curves and use them as space co-ordinates. but if there r blackholes everywhere then those curves would form geodisc and eventually the final space time curve would be zero due to BLACKHOLE SINGULARITY.
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    star formation rate are decreasing, the metalicity of the ISM are increasing that will
    affect the star formation rate. Also the inital mass function (ISM) are changing due to higher metallicity of ISM. (ISM = interstellar medium, the gas which stars are borned from). And not all starts developes into BH, it depends on mass and metallicty. The higher metallicity and mass, the more probable to become a BH, therefore almost no stars which are born today will become BH, and even less in the future etc.

    So the universe will not end up as a buch of BH.
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